Educational Process

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    Every woman who joins Delta Phi Mu experiences the Educational Process, which is a six to nine week “course” for candidates who have accepted a Bid from Delta Phi Mu. This course is strategically named the Educational Process for specific reasons:

    1. The Educational Process is meant to be Educational. You learn a wealth of information that will prepare you for your lifetime sisterhood within Delta Phi Mu, as well as your life in the professional world.
    2. You will also learn much about yourself and the other candidates that will be experiencing the Process with you. It takes time to complete the different “lessons” in the Educational Process, which all build on to each other for a complete experience. This is why it is called a process.
    3. In no way shape or form does Delta Phi Mu take part in hazing during the Educational Process. It is a learning process, not a degrading process.
    4. This process is to be considered an additional course in your school work, as time and commitment will be needed to complete it. It is our hope that once you complete the Educational Process you will have built skills and competencies in the following areas, which are among the key factors that employers evaluate in job interviews: 1) real-world experience, 2) leadership qualities, 3) personal presentation, 4) attitude, 5) communication skills, 6) problem-solving ability, 7) community service, 8) adaptability driven initiative, 9) proven track record, 10) ability to learn organizational methods and culture, and 11) preparation for interviews.

    Do you have more questions about joining Delta Phi Mu? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.