• Below are answers to frequent questions we received regarding membership in Delta Phi Mu and the Educational Process. Don't see your question? Email us at membership@deltaphimu.org. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!


    How do I go about expressing interest in being a sister?

    Women who are interested in becoming a Distinguished Lady of Delta Phi Mu Sorority, Inc. are encouraged to attend Delta Phi Mu events and contact sisters in order to get to know them and express interest in becoming a member of the sorority. It is also important for interested women to attend a Delta Phi Mu informational. These dates and times are always listed on the chapter website, and are typically held at the beginning of each semester. Interests (women who are interested in becoming a member of Delta Phi Mu) must complete a Petition for Membership. Requirements for this Petition for Membership are listed in an informational packet, which an interest can obtain at an informational or from a sister.


    How did new members get selected?

    After submitting a completed Petition for Membership interests become candidates for the Delta Phi Mu Educational Process. Candidates selected for an interview are moved on to the next step for selection. If a candidate completes a satisfactory interview, she will be extended a Bid. A Bid is an invitation to begin the Delta Phi Mu Educational Process, and does not guarantee that a candidate will become a member. A candidate must first successfully complete the Educational Process before she will become a full-fledged sister of Delta Phi Mu Sorority, Inc. A candidate may only receive a bid once in her lifetime. If she declines the Bid, she will never be permitted to apply for candidateship again. A candidate may defer a Bid for one semester for extenuating circumstances. If a candidate accepts a Bid and decides to quit the Educational Process, she may never be permitted to apply for candidateship again. Delta Phi Mu sisters take candidateship for membership into the sorority very seriously, and for this reason candidateship is not taken lightly.


    What is Lifetime Membership?

    Lifetime membership implies that once you become a sister of Delta Phi Mu, you are always a sister. After you leave the University where you became a member, you will have the opportunity to engage on both a national and local level as an alumna, meaning you will have active membership with National Headquarters, as well as a professional chapter in your area. Delta Phi Mu hosts annual Conventions where sisters from across the country convene to meet with sisters they haven’t seen in a while, discuss National agendas, and build upon the knowledge they gained as a collegiate member. Workshops are provided for alumnae, as well as collegiate members at National Conventions. And most of all, National Conventions are FUN, as they are hosted in a different city each year.