Hall of Fame

  • Delta Phi Mu Sorority, Inc. nationally recognizes our sisters for their accomplishments, dedication, and passion. Annually, Delta Phi Mu awards Chapter of the Year Awards, the National Miss Delta Phi Mu award, and the National President's award. Additionally, the National Reaffirming the Dream award is awarded on the years that a sister is nominated and is truly deserving of the award.

    National Chapter of the Year Awards

    Scholarship Chapter of the Year

    Service Chapter of the Year

    2009: University of Kentucky Royal 2009: Alpha Chapter, Purdue University

    Sisterhood Chapter of the Year

    Leadership Chapter of the Year

    2009: Beta Chapter, SIUC 2009: Beta Chapter, SIUC

    National Miss Delta Phi Mu Award

    Miss Delta Phi Mu is an award given at each chapter or royal to one member of the sisterhood who has exemplified all it means to be a sister and Distinguished Lady of Delta Phi Mu. This sister has shown unmatched dedication to the organization and has made significant contributions to her chapter or royal.

    2008: Lucila Cortez, Alpha Chapter

    2009: Stephanie Tillery, Beta Chapter


    National President's Award

    Each year, the National President selects a sister who has gone above and beyond their job description to assist the National Board in all its efforts. The recipient can be a National Board member or a volunteer from the membership.

    2008: Rosemarie Sopher and Michele Ulloa 2009: Loha Pereira Melton

    National Reaffirming the Dream Award

    We present this award to an alumna of Delta Phi Mu Sorority, Inc. who has truly exhibited what it means to be a Distinguished Lady and has made significant contributions to the success of the overall organization. Alumnae who win this award are recognized for extreme dedication, as in reaffirming the greatness of our organization, she Reaffirms the Dream. This award is only awarded when an alumna is truly deserving.

    2008: Rosemarie B. Sopher and Michele L. Ulloa