Membership Policies

  • Anti-Hazing
    Delta Phi Mu Sorority, Inc. does not condone, consent, or promote the practice of hazing at any time during the membership intake process, also referred to as the Educational Process. Any activity with intent to cause embarrassment, harassment, ridicule or risk emotional and/or physical harm to an individual, regardless of the person's willingness to participate, is absolutely unacceptable and is not tolerated. Any chapter found to be in violation of the National Anti-Hazing policy can risk denial of membership intake and/or suspension of said chapter.

    Delta Phi Mu Sorority, Inc. does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, age, national origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a disabled war veteran. In keeping with Delta Phi Mu's second motto, Different Worlds One Sisterhood, any one woman wishing to apply for membership is reviewed based on qualifications alone.