National Presidents Past & Present


    1st National President - Mayra Cardona Baños(2005-2006)


    MayraMayra took appointed office as the 1st National President in the infant stages of the Delta Phi Mu National Board, following an absence of national presence for some time. With the emergence of what is now the Beta Chapter of Delta Phi Mu at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, undergraduate members of Alpha Chapter conducted all national business. Thanks to the help of Mayra and other dedicated alumnae, the foundation of the Delta Phi Mu National Board began in late 2005 in order to provide a consistent governing body for our sisterhood. It was Mayra's hope to provide better support to collegiate membership, and her personal interest in growing Delta Phi Mu's philanthropic involvement that drove the National Board in its early stages. Mayra began initial investigation into an official partnership with The Heart Truth® campaign, which seeks to raise awareness regarding the #1 killer of women - heart disease. Mayra successfully launched Delta Phi Mu's partnership with The Heart Truth, when sisters voted to make The Heart Truth® the official philanthropy of Delta Phi Mu in 2006. Official partnership with The Heart Truth® was created in 2009.


    2nd National President Rosemarie B. Sopher(2006-2008) 


    Rosemarie "Rosie" B. Sopher is the first sister in Delta Phi Mu history to hold the National Presidency two consecutive terms, and she marked those terms as ones of change and unity. Rosie, a member of the inaugural school at Beta Chapter, has been an active member of Delta Phi Mu since her initiation into the sisterhood in 2000. Rosie,has dedicated much time and effort to lay a foundation to prepare Delta Phi Mu for the future ahead, as she served as one of the initial members of the 2005-2006 National Board. Her first term began with an effort to reunite long lost alumnae with current collegiate membership. The first ever National Founder's Weekend was held in August 2006, and was attended by the Five Founding Mothers. This monumental occasion set the stage for the work that followed, including the launch of national status with Delta Phi Mu's trade marking, national insurance policy and the emergence of a new royal (colony) at the University of Kentucky. Rosie, with the help of her innovative national board, set a standard for boards to come with the introduction of a strategic plan, a first for Delta Phi Mu. Rosie was an inaugural winner of the Reaffirming the Dream award in 2008, given to a alumnae member who makes a major impact in the lives of alumnae and collegiate members, in an effort to advance the sisterhood


    3rd National President Christa A. Wessels(2008-2011)                                


    Christa held the National President for the 2009-2011 term. This is Christa's second term as National President, having previously served as National President for the 2008-2009 term and National Vice President for the 2007-2008 term. Christa is known for two major contributions to the national organization which include her support for the alumnae mentor program and the design of the national sorority pin. You can find more information about Christa in her profile on the National Leadership page.