National Vision

  • Our goal is to inspire and nurture each woman and each chapter, for one community, so that through our talents and efforts the hope of the future becomes the success of today.  We base our philosophies on the founding principles of service, scholarship and sisterhood. We concentrate on the advancement of the Latino community through service, while aiding the greater needs of all communities through the support of our national philanthropic and service programs. 

    We live by the following principles through our lifetime commitment:

    Sisterhood - We are called sisters because we are not just friends. We build meaningful relationships and work together, as a collective. We share our passions, our goals, our ambitions and our tribulations for a greater good. We embrace diversity in our membership, creating an environment which encourages each of us to develop and be true to our own individual identity. We always treat each other with professionalism, respect, dignity and love. We hold each other to these standards because we are family and when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.
    Service - We are fully committed to service, because when we connect with one another and others, we uplift the lives of our sisters and the communities that surround us.  We make a difference, through our efforts to elevate the underrepresented and underprivileged. We honor the wishes of our Founding Mothers to strengthen Latina women as a rapidly-growing segment of the underrepresented and underprivileged minority population. We love and embrace diversity and intercultural exchange within our organization, and in our surrounding communities. We encourage and teach the importance of sharing in a world where selfishness resides.  We strive for human kindness, betterment, and positive action in everything we do. We work to create an example for young women through our actions, our positivity, and our efforts to enjoy life every day.
    Scholarship - We believe in excellence and leadership in all things we do. We are building on the hope of our future through the academic success and triumphs of our collegiate sisters, as envisioned by our Founding Mothers. We are guaranteeing a futurity for our organization that shines brilliantly and never dies. We are empowering and encouraging the continued success of talented women who go out in the world to lead by example and serve as role models for others to do the same. We aid alumnae by keeping our promise of a lifetime commitment. We serve as a support network for their professional endeavors so they can continue to achieve in the corporate world, as entrepreneurs, in their homes or through any other association or affiliation