• While scholastic performance is a personal endeavor dependent upon individual desire and motivation, Delta Phi Mu sisters and advisors work to support each sister as she works to achieve her academic goals. It is a clear expectation of the sorority that each member will strive to reach her full scholastic potential. With the pressures facing today's college students - school, family, friends, work and extracurricular activities, plus planning for the future - it is often difficult to find balance in one's life. However, when one places scholarship as a high priority, the other demands often fall into place.

    Among the reasons to achieve academic excellence:
    • Improves one's chances of admission into a higher education program

    • Opportunity to apply for financial assistance through fellowships, scholarships and loans

    • Ability to belong to honorary societies that will stimulate intellectual growth
    • Future employers may look more favorably upon candidates with a higher grade point average
    • Ability to have a chapter vote and run for elected positions
    • Possible rewards for scholastic excellence through the chapter, campus and community

    • Further personal development by exploring academic pursuits.